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What are the top UK Search Engines?

Web search in the United Kingdom, and indeed many other countries, cannot be treated in the same way as the global web search market. The reasons for this are two-fold: 1. Even though the global major search engines are still operating within the UK they will use different algorithms and techniques to enable the user to perform more localised searches. 2. The search engines have different allegiances at a local level, for example, a search engine could use different PPC providers for paid listings between countries.

The top 10 search engines in the United Kingdom at present are:
Source All UK Search Engines

  1. Google UK
  2. Yahoo UK
  3. Ask Jeeves UK
  4. Freeserve UK
  5. Yell UK
  6. Alta Vista UK
  7. MSN UK
  8. NTL World
  9. Tiscali
  10. Mirago

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